Allstate Cancer Insurance



As a member of Hawaiian Electric Employees Federal Credit Union, you now have the benefit of having added protection for more peace of mind. 


Cancer seems to be everywhere these days, it doesn’t discriminate! 


It doesn’t matter what age you are, how much money you have, your ethnic background, or family history.

In the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with cancer, having this coverage in place can help cover the cost of cancer treatment. Cancer coverage is available for individuals and families, and it’s renewable for life. It can help with medical expenses that aren’t covered by your existing health insurance plan, like:

♦ Hospital stays
♦ Doctor bills
♦ Transportation
♦ Childcare


The national statistic is 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women have a lifetime risk of developing cancer. We are here to educate people on why it is important to get coverage.  We educate them on the value of protecting their income and assets and not letting this disease destroy all that they work so hard for.



♦ Offset the cost of medical (most medical plans are 80/20)
♦ Benefits get paid directly to you
♦ Non-medical expenses such as travel, food, lodging, etc.
♦ Annual wellness visits
♦ Income protection
♦ Peace of mind



♦ One rate no matter what age you are
♦ Portable
♦ Includes 20 other specified diseases
♦ Optional ICU rider
♦ Does not have to be because of cancer
♦ 3 different levels of coverage based on affordability
♦ Simplified underwriting
♦ Highest ratings for claims paying and financial stability through national survey by non-bias rating companies


For more information please contact:

Allstate Benefit Specialist
(808) 479-4120