Share & Share Draft

Shares:  A safe and convenient way to save.

Minimum $5.00 to open
Earn interest with a minimum deposit of $100.00
Payroll deduction

Custodial Account:   A worthwhile opportunity to save for your children

Minimum $5.00 to open
Payroll deduction
Available to members’ children and grandchildren from birth to age 21 years old
High yielding dividend rate

Christmas Club: An attractive Christmas savings plan with dividends

Minimum $5.00 to open
Payroll deduction
Funds are mailed to you or directly deposited to your share or share draft account on or after October 1st.

Share Draft :   A checking account with great value

$100.00 to open
No minimum balance required
Payroll deduction or net deposit
$500.00 overdraft protection offered with every checking account
(Higher limits available upon request )

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