HELOC – Promotional Rates

HECOEFCU currently offers promotional rates on our Home Equity Line of Credit (available thru September 30, 2020):

1 Year – 1.00% APR
2 Year – 2.00% APR
3 Year – 3.00% APR
*Rate will change once the promotional period has ended, to the Wall Street Journal prime rate + 1% margin.
APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Our HELOC offers you added convenience and benefits by using a Platinum Visa credit card to draw on your line of credit.

  • 10-year draw period, then variable monthly amortized payments over 15 years;
  • Minimum monthly payment is 1% of the balance or $100, whichever is greater;
  • No annual fees or closing costs unless closed within 2 years of open date;
  • Approval time as fast as 2 weeks upon receiving all documentation.

For more information please call our office at 808-451-3693. Or click below to access the HELOC application.

Access our on-line application!

*Rates are determined using the Wall Street Journal prime rate + 1% margin

No appraisal cost. Property value is based on tax assessed value.