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You have the right to a free credit report from or (877) 322-8228, the ONLY authorized source under Federal law.


Hawaiian Electric Employees Federal Credit Union has partnered with NerdWallet to help you maximize your credit.Get your credit score for free!


What’s your credit score? Find out for free.
Your credit score shouldn’t be a mystery.  That’s why we teamed up with NerdWallet to bring you a free weekly credit score, detailed credit report and credit monitoring.  Sign for NerdWallet for free!.


Why should you think about your credit score?

More money in your pocket.
A higher score can mean lower interest rates on a home mortgage, car loan or credit card.  And the less you pay in interest, the more you save, helping you reach your financial goals faster.


Reach your financial goals.
Every financial action can impact your score – and your life.  NerdWallet’s personalized tips make it easy to make smart financial decisions by teaching you what matters most.  Like paying bills on time and keeping your credit card charges low.


Be ready when you want to make a major financial decision.
Applying soon for a credit card or loan?  How about insurance or a new rental?  Your credit score can affect your ability to qualify or get a low rate. Know where you stand so you can fix errors or polish your profile before you apply.


Get your free score via Hawaiian Electric Employees Federal Credit Union and NerdWallet.

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Hawaiian Electric Employees Federal Credit union offers free credit score access through NerdWallet at its own discretion.  NerdWallet’s free credit score access is not a permanent feature of your account and may be removed at any time.  Your free credit score may fall into a range from 300-850 and is calculated based on TransUnion credit data.  Your NerdWallet free credit score is not an endorsement or a determination of your qualification for a loan or credit.  Credit score models and score ranges may differ by lender.