Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Effective April 1, 2019
Fee Description Fee Amount
Stop Payment Fees
Stop Payment $10.00
ACH Stop Payment $10.00
Stop Payment – Teller Check $25.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fees
Insufficient Funds (NSF) $25.00
ACH Withdrawal (NSF) $15.00
Deposit Return Item $10.00
Duplicate Copy Fees
Duplicate Copy of check $2.50
Duplicate Statement $2.50
Miscellaneous Account Fees
Overdraft from shares $2.00
Account early closure $25.00 within first 90 days or 180 days
Teller check fee (daily) First one free, $3.00 per check thereafter
Account Special Handling Fees
Returned mail (sent to incorrect address) per month $5.00
Inactive (Dormant) fee per month $5.00 after three years
Special handling for abandoned account fee $35.00
Legal Processing fee (e.g. garnishment, levy) $35.00
Account Research $15.00/hour or fraction thereafter
Outgoing Wires $35.00
ATM Fees
Debit Card replacement $10.00
Rush Card order $35.00
ATM Transaction fee (in excess of 5 per month and includes balance inquiries and transfers) $0.50 per transaction
PIN replacement $1.00
Loan Fees
Late Payment 3% of payment amount or $20, whichever is greater
Return check payment $10.00
Visa Credit Card Fees
Late Payment $20.00
Card Reissue $10.00
Return check payment $25.00
Rush fee $20.00
Emergency Replacement Card $150.00
The fees listed are accurate as of the date indicated and are subject to change. If you have any questions, please call the Credit Union.

***IMPORTANT NOTICES: Christmas Club account funds were transferred to your savings account on 10/1/19. CREDIT UNION WILL BE CLOSED ON FRIDAY, 11/1/19 (due to system conversion). DEBIT CARDS: LIMITED FUNDS on all ATM and Debit transactions from 11/1/19-11/4/19. ONLINE BANKING: The current online banking (including our mobile app - TouchBanking) will not be available as of 11/1/19. ALL MEMBERS MUST RE-ENROLL to access online banking. Visit our website on 11/4/19 at which time a new link will be available at the top right of our home page. Simply click the link to re-enroll any time following 11/4/19 when we are LIVE with our new core data system. For mobile banking, download the new HECOEFCU TouchBanking App and enter in code: GOMOBILEHEE ~ Contact the Credit Union at 543-7581 with any questions. Mahalo for your cooperation and patience throughout the system conversion process!